Accidental Astronauts: An Earth, Moon & Sun Adventure!

Across the Universe

All We Are

Ancient Skies

Asteroid: Mission Extreme

Astronaut (2D/3D)

Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing


Awesome Light Series (2D/3D)

Bella Gaia

Beyond the Arctic Circle

Beyond the sun


Birthday Cake

The Birth of the Solar System

Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown

The Blind Man with Starry Eyes

Bugs! (2D/3D)

CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story

Chaos and Order: A Mathematic Symphony

The Celestial Railroad

Cell! Cell! Cell!

The Christmas Story

Chronicle of a Journey to Earth

Climate Change

Cocomong: A Space Adventure


Coral: Rekindling Venus

Cosmic Collisions

Cosmic Dance

Cosmic Dimensions

Cosmic Journey: A Solar System Adventure

Cosmic Journey: Through Hubble and Cassini (2D/3D)

Crossing Worlds

The Dark Side Of The Moon 50th Anniversary Planetarium Show

Dark Universe

Dawn of the Space Age (2D/3D)

Destination Mars

Dinosaurs Alive

Dinosaurs @ Dusk (2D/3D)

DomeFest: Global FullDome Festival

Dr. Allevable’s Unbelievable Laboratory

Dream to Fly (2D/3D)

Dynamic Earth

The Earth and Me

Earth, Moon & Sun™

Earthquake: Evidence of a Relentless Planet

Earth’s Wild Ride

The Earth Wins

Egypt: Secret of the Mummies (2D/3D)

Energy for Life

Escher’s Universe



EXO: Are We Alone?

Exoplanets: Worlds of Wonder

Expedition Reef

Extrasolar Planets

Extreme Auroras

Field Trip to the Moon

Flight of the Butterflies

Fly Me to the Moon

Flying Monsters (2D/3D)

Forces of Nature

Fractal Zooms

Fragile Planet

From the Blue Planet to the Red Planet

From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA

The Girl Who Walked Upside Down

The Gravity Factor

Grossology and You

Habitat Earth

Hayabusa: Back to the Earth

Heart of the Sun


Infinity Express

In Saturn’s Rings

Jeepers Creepers

Journey to a Billion Suns

Journey to the Stars

Kaluoka’hina: The Enchanted Reef (2D/3D)

KYMA – Power of Waves

The Last Reef: Cities Beneath the Sea (2D/3D)

Legends of the Night Sky: Perseus & Andromeda

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Legends Of The Starry Realm


Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West

Life: A Cosmic Story

The Life of Trees (2D/3D)

LIMIT: Expedition to the Edge of the World

The Little Prince

The Little Star that Could

The Longest Night

Magic Globe: A Story of the Seasons

Magic Tree House – Space Mission


Mars 1001

Mayan Prophecies




The Moon

Moonbase – the next step

Moons: Worlds of Mystery

Mysteries of the Unseen World


Natural Selection (2D/3D)

Ningaloo: Australia’s Other Great Reef

Oceans in Space

One Day…on Mars

Origins of Life

Our Cells, Our Selves

Our Living Climate

Pandas: The Journey Home

Passport to the Universe

Planetary Visions

The Planets

The Problem With Pluto

R+J (Romeo and Juliet)

Realm of Light

Relentless Night

Rusty Rocket’s Last Blast

Scary Cave

Sea Monsters (2D/3D)

The Search for Life: Are We Alone?

The Searcher


Secret of the Dragon

Solar Storms (2D/3D)

Sonic Vision

Space Junk

Space Next


Space School

To Space & Back (2D/3D, 8k, 60 fps)

Spontaneous Fantasia

Solar System Odyssey


The Star of Bethlehem


Stella Nova: The Search for your Origin


Take Flight

Tales of the Maya Skies




Titans of the Ice Age

Touch the Stars

Tycho to the Moon

Undiscovered Worlds

The Universe Exposed


Voices in the Dark

VOYAGER: the Never-Ending Journey

We Are Aliens! (2D/3D)

We Are Astronomers

We Are Stars

The Weather

Whale Super Highway

Wildest Weather in the Solar System (2D/3D)

Worlds Beyond Earth


Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Survey

Big Bang

Black Hole

Deep Impact Comet

Electron Pressure

Exoplanet Orbit


Hydrogen Fusion

Inward Outward Pressure


Saturn´s Rings

Space Time Distortion


Star Evolution


Super Nova to Pulsar

Virgo Cluster

Animal Cell

Atmosphere Atoms

Particle Physics

Plant Cell

Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Exterior Night

Keck Observatory Exterior Night

Gemini North Exterior Night

Gemini North Interior

Gemini North Interior 2

James Clerk Maxwell Telescope Exterior Night

Maunakea Valley Lasers

United Kingdom Infrared Telescope Exterior Night