The Stellars

The Stellars

The Stellars is the third production from our globally acclaimed Creative Planet team. This film has been meticulously designed for children aged 3 to 8. The theme – What do plants need to live? – was chosen based on an international study of educational curricula. With guidance from scientists and a child psychologist, we’ve tailored the characters, storyline, and emotional undertones to suit the developmental stages of young children. We are proud to introduce: The Stellars – Mission Green. 

Imani, Aki, and John are three friends from an alien solar system. While on a space exploration mission, something routine for their tribe, they distractedly neglect their onboard “chores,” leading their ship to crash on an unknown planet – Earth. The accident damages the life-support system that sustains the cherished forest they keep onboard, which gives them their vital Yumi-Plumi fruits. However, forests in their society are usually taken care of by robots. 

With no knowledge of plant care or any means of contacting their elders, they are fortunate to be able to turn to the planetarium audience for help. All hope now rests on the Earth children, who help the Stellars discover what plants need to survive and to rescue their Yumi Plumi forest. There is a race against time – will the children be able to figure out the successive elements needed to nourish the plants? 

Of course they will, as we’ve prepared subtle clues, ensuring that everyone will be winners. However, to make sure it won’t be too easy, young viewers will have to travel together with our heroes to visit an ancient-growth forest on Earth, to search among the trees there, teeming with life. They will have to help launch the scout ship, navigate through space, locate the right spot on Earth – and then escape from an angry bear! 

In the world of children’s stories, good always prevails, and seekers always manage to find their Holy Grail. Thus, thanks to the young viewers, the Stellars will find the last piece of the puzzle, and so revive their nourishing forest. They will learn a lesson from the ecosystem about cooperation and responsibility – and eventually return home, to their parents.