Leo is a boy of the 21st century who loves to spend hours locked in his room with his toys, especially with his spaceships, daydreaming of being an astronaut and travel, as his idols did, to the moon. He never thought that something , that for him was so boring as Art, could become an incredible adventure that takes him from the giant bisons of Altamira caves, through the scientific genius of Leonardo, up to being able to identify the stars in a sky painted by Van Gogh. In this dizzying journey throughout the story of Art, he will have to confront Thundercloud, the fearsome shadow of an Egyptian pharaoh, who wants to make disappear all the world works of art.

What is Art? Can it be defined? At first, it had a ritual, magic role, which changed with human evolution, acquiring a pedagogical component and a social and pedagogical function. Everybody agrees that Art serves to express ideas, emotions… and that‘s what we intend to do with this production, as well as teach, move, entertain and dream. .

Art and Science Art and Science have always gone hand in hand, since the chemistry that brought new paints and colors, the mathematical perspective and the artist Leonardo Da Vinci who captured in his drawings scientific advances even before photography existed. 3DUNO presents Leo and Art, a film for digital planetariums. Leo is an educational project about Art and Science, where two techniques are combined, puppets carved in wood and digital animation, with the aim of entertaining children and adults to awake their interest in Art and Science.


Produced by 3DUNO & Reef Distribution  
Running Time: 25:00
For Children 4-8