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The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. ~ Albert Einstein

There’s no more inspiring and effective way to teach about the cosmos than in a well-equipped planetarium! A place where science, technology, engineering, artistry, and mathematics come together to elevate everyone’s understanding of just about everything that exists!

The hard-won truths revealed by science and the sheer beauty of nature (at all scales and in all epochs), drive us to create uncompromising immersive visualization systems without compromise, that are accurate and spectacular. Our clients earn their livings using them, so we make them affordable and reliable too!

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Our DigitalSky planetarium systems are ideal for museums, k-12 schools, universities and others. We carefully integrate all elements–from dome to seating and computers to projectors–so that your audience can enjoy a seamless, natural experience, barely aware of the technology. We specialize in creating seamless visualizations of unmatched accuracy and beauty. Your universe awaits! Learn more.


Good planetarium lighting is part of the show, able to create lovely twilight gradients and light pollution simulations in the sky, as well as animated patterns. Zoom-slew spotlights bathe guest lecturers in a soft, warm glow. Aisle and wall-wash lighting assists guests in the dark without disrupting the program. Behind-the-scrim “dome tour” lighting lets your technology take a bow. Learn more.


There’s no sound in space (with notable exceptions), but your guests expect intelligible narration to inform them, cinematic music to inspire them, and infrasonic rumble to shake them. We use the latest in amplifier, transducer, digital signal processing, and array tuning technologies to deliver uniform, full-spectrum audio from every channel to every seat. Learn more.


Our DigitalSky-Dark Matter software is the ultimate tool for live or automated shows that use real-time simulations plus images, audio, and video. For playback shows from dome original files, our SkyVision Slicer delivers enterprise-level multi-threaded queue processing of slicing and encoding. To composite conventional media for fulldome in Adobe After Effects for Windows, use our DomeXF plug-in. Learn more.

Sky-Skan delivers the Ultimate Planetarium Experience. It's all we do.

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