Cosmic Dimensions

Cosmic Dimensions

The world in which we live, is familiar to us. We can estimate everyday distances, we know how long we will need to perform our daily work, and we know how it feels when it is very hot or very cold. The world out there though, is alien to us. When we hear of distances expressed in light years or when we hear that our solar system was formed billions of years ago, it defies our imagination.

Cosmic Dimensions vividly makes distances and time periods comprehensible. To understand distance, we reduce the Earth to the size of an apple — how big are then the Sun and Moon? how far away are the other planets of the solar system?

Hard to believe, but even if all the planets shrink to the size of fruit and vegetables, our cosmic home is still the size of a great city!

In order to explain unimaginable periods of time, we reduce the complete history of our universe to a normal working day — it’s then fascinating to see that the entire development of mankind, our cultural and scientific background, fits into just a few split seconds before the end of the day!

Cosmic Dimensions makes the universe a reality — for one working day we follow the employee Max. On the basis of his daily life, we shed light on space and time from fresh perspectives and make the unimaginable, imaginable…

Produced by INTERMEDIA
Approximate running time: 41 minutes
Suitable for family audiences.