Join us for an adventure through time, as we explore the past and imagine the future of the cosmos. Witness the birth of the Universe, the doom of the dinosaurs, and be there for the first landing on the moon!

Each TimeSpace travel story is presented as a destination to be experienced as if you are there.

TimeSpace Travel Stories:

The Big Bang: Back to the beginning of time and immersed within the Universe during the first minutes of its creation.

Doom of the Dinosaurs: Evidence suggests that the age of the dinosaurs ended when a giant asteroid collided with the Earth. The impact plunged the Earth into chaos and life itself was challenged. For the dinosaurs, this visitor from outer space eventually doomed them to extinction 65 million years ago.

Comet in the Yucatán Sky: In 1222AD, on the Yucatán Peninsula, the Mayan civilization had reached its zenith. Chichén Itzá was a great cultural center that had thrived for centuries but, was now in decline. How would the population and the astronomer-priests react to the sudden appearance of “a star that smokes.” Why would the gods send so special a sight into the sky?

Apollo 11—One Small Step: In July of 1969, people in America and around the world watched this epic accomplishment “live” on television. TimeSpace will recreate the Moon landing experience from a unique perspective for a new generation.

IBEX—The Interstellar Boundary Explorer Mission: In 2508 The inhabitants of a busy space transportation outpost celebrate the 500th anniversary on NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer mission. IBEX was the first space craft to measure and map the edges of the solar system, defining for the first time exactly where the solar wind comes to a stop when it faces the interstellar medium.

To Boldly Go Forth: Imagine the future a thousand years from now. In the next millennium, humans may live and work in the outer solar system. Tomorrow’s pioneers will call an orbiting space-nation home and bold explorers might glimpse Saturn peeking through the methane clouds of Titan.


Produced by Adler Planetarium
Approximate running time: 28 minutes
Narration by Laurie Anderson
Suitable for family audiences and school groups.