The Earth Wins

The Earth Wins

THE EARTH WINS is a tribute to the many wonders of Mother Earth, shot entirely from the air on 4 continents, 7 years in the making. The film explores the delicate balance between man and Mother Earth, our inter-dependence and the impact of man s actions upon the Earth and her inhabitants.

Acclaimed Aerial Director, Jerry Grayson, Oscar nominated Cinematographer Skip Margetts and award winning Cinematographers Warwick Field and Michael Parker bring this powerful and provocative cinematic experience to the giant screen. THE EARTH WINS places the audience in an elevated position and it is from the air we gain a philosophical perspective of humanity, asking ourselves environmental, ethical and cultural questions.

THE EARTH WINS creates moments of true reflection combining stunning aerial imagery with powerful lyrics and a soundtrack from international artists; THE WHO, COLDPLAY, NEW ORDER, THE TEMPER TRAP, THE ART OF FUSION, YOTHU YINDI and composer Sean Van Doornum.

Amongst these immense global issues, there is an overarching sense of hope and purpose that drives the film. Ultimately, we are lead to understand our individual responsibility as citizens of the planet. Produced by Helifilms Australia.

Produced by Helifilms Australia
Transformed from Giant Screen film
Transform coverage is truncated from fulldome
Approximate running time: 32 minutes