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Kids Looking Up

Who is Sky-Skan?

We inspire kids to grow into the next generation of scientists and engineers. We’ve put planetariums on the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner, in dozens of museums and science centers, in classrooms from high schools to Notre Dame University, and even on the White House south lawn.

Our customers choose us because our software is easy to use, yet powerful enough to bring their biggest dreams to life. We break down technical hurdles, push the digital fulldome medium forward, all while keeping the project on-time and budget. We are proud of our customers because they are creating the best dome shows in the world for their Definiti theaters. To learn what we can do for you, start with one of these sections:

World’s Largest Screen

Athens Theater

Imagine a theater with a screen so large it completely covers your field of view. Definiti fulldome digital screens literally cover the dome ceiling for the audience to become completely immersed in the view. It’s an experience like no other!

What is digital fulldome? It’s a digital theater with a giant dome screen covering the whole ceiling! The canvas is so large the audiences becomes completely immersed in the content. With a bright, seamless picture well beyond HD resolution, the world's most amazing theater experience

Sky-Skan’s got the world’s largest theater screens! A Definiti theater completely immerses the audience in video and sound. What can you do with Definiti? Many of our customers create astronomy shows that show the stars, planets, constellations, and further wonders of the Universe. Producers from around the world create video presentations with colorful graphics on a variety of subjects. Higher educational institutions are using Definiti to show molecules, atmospheric data, and many other visualizations in real-time.