Tycho to the Moon

Kids love Tycho! The dog that doesn’t just howl at the moon—he goes there! See the planetarium’s favorite dog like never before with stunning new fulldome visuals.

Blast off on an amazing ride with Tycho and his young American friends, Ruby and Michael. Learn about night and day, space travel, phases of the Moon, and features of the lunar surface. Take a close-up look at the Sun, see Tycho play in zero gravity, witness Earth from space, and watch meteors shoot across the night sky. Includes the much-loved singalong song “Don’t Touch!”

Produced by Melbourne Planetarium, Scienceworks Museum, Museum Victoria
Running time: 21 minutes
Suitable for ages 5 and up and school groups
Exclusively Distributed by Sky-Skan
Copyright Sky-Skan, Inc. 2014