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Our Cells, Our Selves

In Our Cells, Our Selves you are invited to a science bedtime story with 7-year old Sylvie, a recently diagnosed diabetic, who is discovering the wonders of the immune system. Sylvie’s mother tells a story that takes us back hundreds of millions of years to explore how the balance between access to food and immune protection evolved into the modern human immune system. Learn that under rare circumstances, things can go wrong, leading to auto-immune diseases like Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. The story closes with a look at the future of medicine and the potential for cures!

Produced by Regenerative Medicine Partnership in Education
Approximate running time: 15 minutes
Suitable for ages 5 and up, families, and school groups.

Principal funding from a Science Education Partnership Award, National Center for Research Resources,
National Institutes of Health A Partnership of PTEI, Duquesne University, ETCglobal and Carnegie Science Center,
one of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

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