Heart of the Sun

The Heart of the Sun, a fulldome digital presentation by John Weiley - maker of multi-award winning Imax films including Antarctica, SolarMax, and the hit 3D production Imagine!— shows us the Sun as it has never been seen before.

New space-based telescopes, along with a new generation of terrestrial instruments, capture both the fine surface detail and the vast eruptions of the corona with unprecedented clarity and for the first time take us right inside a living star. Heart of the Sun delivers new breathtaking, high-resolution motion pictures never before seen in a fulldome theater.

From the Neolithic sky watchers of Europe to the solar observatories and blood sacrifice of Mesoamerica to the sun gods of the Egyptians and Greeks and the dawning of Aristotelian science, The Heart of the Sun reveals how the development of our whole cosmology has been informed by our struggle with this oldest of mysteries. Experience the story that shows how that process continues today as the sheer strangeness of our nearest star continues to challenge our imagination.
Produced by Heliograph Productions
Running time: 22 minutes
Narrated by Jack Thompson
Exclusively Distributed by Sky-Skan
Copyright Sky-Skan, Inc. 2014