Dream to Fly (2D/3D)

Have you ever dreamt you were flying? Have you ever thought how wonderful would it be to fly free as a bird?

Discover the mystery of flight with Leonardo da Vinci, Montgolfier brothers, Wright brothers and other inventors. Experience the adventure with powerful images and music, an immense and challenging dream, for which mankind has strived since the beginning of history.

“Dream to Fly” describes the most important milestones on our route to conquering the skies—both in terms of technological breakthroughs, as well as our perceptions on flying itself.

Produced by The Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium
Narrated by Danuta Stenka with original soundtrack by Michal Lorenc
Running time: 35 minutes
Available in 2D & 3D
Suitable for family audience and school groups
Copyright Sky-Skan, Inc. 2014