Escher’s Universe

Escher’s Universe

Escher s Universe is based on the life and work of the multifaceted Maurits Cornelis Escher.

Was he an artist, an astronomer, a mathematician, a traveler?

For the first time, we will see in the dome Escher s use of mathematics, astronomy, optics, crystallography and geometry to artistically explain very complex concepts addressed by Cosmology.

This show will take us to the artist s studio where his most iconic works are displayed.

From this intimate and emotional place, we will visit Escher s particular universe and we will be surprised by his unique ability to join Science and Art. We will also explore how Escher s visit to the Alhambra in Spain changed the way he understood universe and had a great impact in his work. Shapes, three dimensional reconstructions, dual worlds, unreal buildings or impossible continuities reveal in this show his continuous search of knowledge.

Produced by Parque de las Ciencias
Appx. running time: 26 minutes