Immersive Digital Theater Systems: Definiti Theaters

Definiti Sound Solutions


Sky-Skan’s theater design team has decades of experience designing sound systems for domed theaters. Power and controllers are custom-engineered to reinforce frequencies that are typically lost through a perforated screen. Sky-Skan’s Definiti Sound Systems produce a powerful, even response on the viewing side of the screen— our engineers have developed a system that provides the best coverage and fidelity for the unique environment of the dome, panoramic theaters and custom exhibits.

Digital soundtracks on for full dome show productions have the potential of pushing traditional speaker systems designs beyond their performance limits. Requirements for wide dynamic range, high power handling and low distortion dictate the need for a new standard of performance for today's premier theaters. Sky-Skan has installed 100+ dome sound systems with this in mind and can offer sound systems as a complement to digital systems or as a standalone upgrade to any classical theater.