Across the Universe

The Voyager Show Let us take you to one of the most thrilling journeys mankind ever made. A journey like this is possible only about every 176 years. Be close... Read More

Asteroid: Mission Extreme

Danger or opportunity? National Geographic and Lockheed Martin present a Sky-Skan production Asteroid: Mission Extreme takes audiences on an epic journey to discover how asteroids are both a danger and... Read More

Astronaut (2D/3D)

The exploration of space is the greatest endeavour that humankind has ever undertaken. What does it take to be part of this incredible journey? What does it take to become... Read More

Awesome Light Series (2D/3D)

Discoveries from the Telescopes of Maunakea Three Episodes In the Series! Open the doors of the world’s most famous observatories to your audiences. Produced over three years with exceptional access... Read More

Bella Gaia

A poetic vision of Earth from Space Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life changing power of seeing the Earth from space, award winning filmmaker and composer Kenji Williams... Read More

Beyond the sun

A fulldome film in search of a new Earth: Celeste is a little girl who wants to explore the Universe, find new Earths and know how to find exoplanets. While... Read More

The Blind Man with Starry Eyes

In order to increase his power, a tyrant asks an old wise man of his kingdom to give him the secrets which would enable him to extend his power and... Read More

Bugs! (2D/3D)

A Rainforest Adventure Get a view of the fascinating universe of insects magnified up to 250,000 times their normal size in Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure. Become immersed in a miniature... Read More

CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story

ONE SMALL STEP… From the producers of the award-winning fulldome shows ‘We Are Stars’ and ‘ASTRONAUT’ comes ‘CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story’. An immersive, historical documentary that showcases the achievements... Read More

The Celestial Railroad

Get aboard this fantasy train in the stars. The Celestial Railroad is the fantastic journey of a boy, Giovanni, in the dreamscape created by colorful fulldome CG animation imagery and... Read More