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Sky-Skan's Online Fulldome Show Catalog

Sky-Skan distributes fulldome shows for Definiti Theater systems and other fulldome video systems.

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New show from Creative Planet
Sky-Skan's Fulldome Show Catalog

The story centers around the motive of human travel to Mars, but the show presents and explains much broader selection of science including history of astronomy, geocentric and heliocentric models, Kepler laws of planetary motion or orbital manoeuvres.

Visit Show Page for more information.

New show from UNC Morehead Planetarium & Science Center
Sky-Skan's Fulldome Show Catalog

Join uniquely-animated brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright for a full-throttle adventure through the history and into the future of aeronautics!

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Best Sellers From Sky-Skan
Sky-Skan's Fulldome Show Catalog
To Space & Back (2D/3D, 8K, 60fps)

Space exploration—our greatest adventure—is having a big impact on our lives. It’s helping us to discover a universe of unimaginable scale and beauty, and it’s reaching down into our world and influencing the way we live.

Produced by Sky-Skan in association with The Franklin Institute
Narrated by James May

Sky-Skan's Fulldome Show Catalog
Asteroid: Mission Extreme (2D/3D, 8k, 60 fps)

Asteroid: Mission Extreme takes audiences on an epic journey to discover how asteroids are both a danger and an opportunity. The danger lies in the possibility of a cataclysmic collision with Earth; the opportunity is the fascinating idea that asteroids could be stepping stones to other worlds – veritable way stations in space – enabling us to cross the Solar System.

National Geographic and Lockheed Martin present a Sky-Skan production

Narrated by Sigourney Weaver

DomeXF utilizes the standard After Effects plug-in structure
so there aren’t any awkward windows or controls to work with. <more>
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