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Definiti Projection Systems Duet
Duet Image

With a beautiful 8,000:1 native contrast ratio, Definiti Duet strikes the perfect balance between astronomical displays (which require deep black levels) and pre-rendered shows (which require high brightness).

We’ve designed Duet to work either in a central pit or from the theater edge.

Duet provides a beautiful picture of approximiately 2.5K by 2.5K using two professional 4.1 megapixel projectors. We’ve designed a custom blending system for a seamless image on the dome.

key benefits

double typical resolution

With more than 2.5 million unique pixels, Duet has over twice the resolution of typical single-projector systems. It's the ultimate in simplicity and versatility.

projectors/location 2 projectors; cove or center mounting
native projector contrast* 8,000:1 or higher; varies depending on projector
system resolution* Approximately 2.5 million pixels across the dome arc
system brightness (lumens)* varies depending on projector
projection technology DLP

What Are Unique Pixels?
Defining Resolution

* Projectors: standard layout number is listed; additional projectors can be used to avoid shadows cast by obstructions.Contrast: projector contrast is listed as manufacturer’s specified system contrast. Resolution: unique pixels are calculated after pixels lost/duplicated, due to masking and blending. Brightness: calculated as combined lumens of each projector. Actual apparent brightness is dependent on screen reflectivity, masking, and other factors.