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Definiti 8K Projection: Ultimate Performance

24X HDTV Resolution

Never before has such resolution been available on a dome screen. As impossible as it seems, Definiti 8K delivers 24X the sharpness of HDTV. Configurations include the ultra-bright 126,000 lumen option or 10,000:1 native contrast. Definiti 8K: nothing outshines it.

Nothing Outshines It

Search the world for the highest-resolution planetariums and you’ll discover only Sky-Skan has delivered 8K resolution. The performance rivals the world’s best optical projectors for pinpoint star detail. Of course, with DigitalSky software you aren’t limited to stars, but can show your audiences the universe in 8K resolution.



Science Centers

Audiences leave Definiti 8K presentations stunned, with more detail than they’ve ever seen in any theater. Even on the largest domes, the detail seems limitless. For the science centers desiring the absolutely most stunning experience possible, Definiti 8K delivers.


Traditional planetariums have relied on star projectors for the highest quality stars. Definiti 8K is the first digital alternative that truly rivals the resolving power of optical star projectors. For the ultimate in flexibility, add Definiti Optical for a seamless hybrid solution.

Giant-Screen Cinema

When we built Definiti 4K, it was the first planetarium projection system with film-like color space and a bright picture. Now, Definiti 8K adds 4X sharpness of 4K and up to 126,000 lumens brightness. It’s perfect for playing any digital content from CGI to live-action.


key specifications

  • projectors
    6 projectors
  • contrast
    up to 10,000:1
  • resolution
    8K dome arc pixels
    38 million unique pixels
  • system brightness
    up to 126,000 lumens