Immersive Digital Theater Systems: Definiti Theaters





4K Image

The top fulldome theaters worldwide choose Definiti 4K and 8K for its unbeatable picture quality. Based on the stunning Sony SXRD 4K cinema projector and Sky-Skan’s custom Definiti HD lens, these systems rival large-format film in picture quality, with brightness to spare, even at large theater sizes.

Definiti 4K and 8K systems feature a lamp system with adjustable brightness, for longer lamp life and deeper black levels. One of the two lamps can also be turned off, for even longer life.

Definiti 4K creates an astounding 4K resolution picture, with only two projectors. For even higher resolution, Definiti 8K delivers the world’s highest resolution at nearly 8K (38M unique pixels), using six projectors.

key benefits

outstanding resolution

For medium to large theaters, the resolution Definiti 4K provides brings in every detail in the source image.

superior color performance

With Xenon arc lamps, an advanced SXRD light engine, and Sky-Skan optics, Definiti 4K delivers a superior film-like color space.

key specifications

projectors/location 2/cove edge
native projector contrast up to 10,000:1
system resolution 3.8K dome arc pixels, 10.5M unique pixels
system brightness (lumens) up to 42,000
projection technology D-ILA or SXRD

What Are Unique Pixels?
Defining Resolution

* Projectors: standard layout number is listed; additional projectors can be used to avoid shadows cast by obstructions.Contrast: projector contrast is listed as manufacturer’s specified system contrast. Resolution: unique pixels are calculated after pixels lost/duplicated, due to masking and blending. Brightness: calculated as combined lumens of each projector. Actual apparent brightness is dependent on screen reflectivity, masking, and other factors.